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When Morgan Mills took command of the House of Blues stage and the music began, the crowd went wild. The high-energy sound of the 24 year-old rising country star was unlike anything the California country crowd had heard before. "The way she had this audience in the palm of her hand was simply astonishing for me to see from such a young performer. Raw emotion behind her ballads that gave me chills, and a powerful vibe from her high energy songs that had the whole crowd going wild. Talk about stage presence! She is going far, a true professional with a first-rate band." -Robyn Rose (Warner Brother Records)

With a dramatic performing style like a female Steven Tyler, Morgan had the audience in the palm of her hand from the git-go and then took it to another level by introducing her special guest, country star Julie Roberts (“Breakdown Here”), who had come out to support her friend Morgan. This is typical of the excitement that now surrounds Morgan, who has been performing since she was seven, who just finished her first album. For full biography

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